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The secret to business success isn’t about revealing an instant win button to solve your challenges and gain loyal customers in one instant move. It’s more about developing various approaches and improving your company into a flexible, operation from the ground up. The values and practices you impart into your brand early on can make all the difference to its long-standing success.
Ready to try something new and find new opportunities for your company? These tips from us for entrepreneurs, executives, and freelancers will help you grow in the right direction.
The benefits of public speaking for your business:
Yet, the importance of public speaking has been growing progressively over the last 10 – 15 years. In fact, business would be impossible without it today. And not only for key position, CEO and Management professionals but also and especially for entrepreneurs or a small business owners.  In fact, a number of professionals today find business solely through showing up at events and engaging in public speaking.
If you are one of the later, still undecided whether to accept another invitation for a speech, let me tell you: this is, without a doubt, a wonderful opportunity indeed and this is what you should focus on. Forget about the nervousness, it is something that can be overcome and is overcome as you gain more experience talking in public. You might need to impulse yourself at first, but sooner or later you will feel comfortable and confident enough.
Here is why it is worth doing it:

  1. Make your brand and business more special
Giving presentations and speeches will make your brand and business much more personal. The people in the audience may or may not have heard of your company. Either way, chances are they know nothing beyond the logo or the name of it if you are lucky. Now they will not only hear about your business but this is your chance to establish a positive reference too. This means that the next time they hear the name of your company, they will think of you and the nice experience they had listening to you. Regardless of how good your ads or blogs are, there’s nothing like the face to face contact with people.
  1. Public speaking generates leads

Showing up at events as a speaker will help you generate leads. If you are proactive and you look for events where to appear yourself, you will probably only select those events where you could find your target audience or potential partners People will probably walk up to you with questions, you will meet them after the event at the informal part, you will exchange formalities, LinkedIn profiles, email addresses, etc. Your network will grow and sales often start increasing as a knock on effect of that sooner or later.
  1. Public speaking will boost your credibility
Stopping from the previous point, giving presentations will boost your credibility. If you manage to establish relationship with your audience, you have grabbed their attention and if you’ve grabbed their attention, they will listen to you. This is your place to demonstrate your knowledge, to talk about what your own experience has taught you, to give advice. All you need to do is share your knowledge with the people in front of you. It will build up your reputation and consequently the reputation of your business. People tend to trust you much more easily when they consider you an expert.
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