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Employee motivation is defined as the eagerness, energy level, commitment and the amount of creativity that an employee brings to the organization on a daily basis.
Employee motivation is all about how engaged an employee feels in tandem to the organization’s goals and how empowered he/she feels. Motivation is of two types:
Intrinsic motivation
Intrinsic motivation means that an individual is motivated from within. He/she has the desire to perform well at the workplace because the results are in accordance with his/her belief system.
An individual’s established beliefs are usually the strongest motivational factors. Such individuals show common qualities like acceptance, curiosity, honor, and desire to achieve success.

Extrinsic motivation
Extrinsic motivation means an individual’s motivation is inspired by external factors- rewards and recognition. Some people may never be motivated within and only external motivation would work with them to get the tasks done.
Research says extrinsic rewards can sometimes promote the inclination in a person to learn a new skillset. Rewards like bonuses, perks, awards, etc. can motivate people or provide tangible feedback.
Importance of Employee Motivation:
According to psychologists, self-realization is a very human thing. It is our basic nature to cultivate something and see it flourish, it is applicable to most things we do in our day-to-day life. This is true for both social and general spaces.
Employee Motivation plays a very important factor in a human’s life, whether it is about improving ourselves or our organization’s performance. Motivated employees don’t need to be told how to get things done, they take initiatives, are eager to take up additional responsibilities, are innovative and go-getters.
Motivated employees ensure:

  • There is a optimistic atmosphere within the organization
  • Co-workers are happy and feel safe at work
  • Make sure customers are happy
  • They always achieve better results than their complements
Therefore, Motivation plays a very important factor and ensures employees remain active and contribute their best towards their organization. Moreover, a high level of motivation leads to a lower level of employee revenue.

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