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If you are planning to start a business and have relevant experience, adequate financial resources, market potential but need to formulate a plan to tie it all together? Then the Entrepreneurial Training Program grant may be right for you!
What is Entrepreneur Training?
Entrepreneur Training is a demanding business planning training program designed to help qualified applicants wanting to start a business or grow an existing business, and who want to write a first-class business plan suitable for presentation in various platform. This program is a comprehensive combination of courses, business plan development and optional individual counseling, and is available for start-up ventures or business expansion.
 In this platform, you will use the Business Model Canvas to identify your customers and determine their needs. You will examine that information and incorporate it into a feasible business plan on a timely basis.
Benefits of Entrepreneur Training:

  • Every business has its objectives.  It benefits the entrepreneurial discipline that develops a sense of responsibility in the entrepreneurs. While most entrepreneurs are well-educated but they lack the discipline needed to start a business. A business is a discipline and it works to achieve its objectives.
  • To help the entrepreneurs determine the aims of their businesses and work individually. It is entrepreneurs that have to find their objectives. A business starts and grows with time and it keeps achieving milestones with time. Discipline gives the power to work alone. The training also helps in finding compatible people and making a group of dedicated professionals towards business objectives.

Develop a passion for integrity to achieve business objectives. Once the objectives are defined, it’s time to work hard to achieve the goals. It is a passion for honesty towards business objectives that work like a powerhouse for entrepreneurs.

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